Is there really any difference between Conventional Marketing and Digital Marketing?

        Every marketing person's first teacher is his experience as a consumer which makes him easy to understand the consumer's requirement before pitching himself. As time passed awareness grew through exposure to media. 
Today, we are consumers who use our own media channel to interact electronically with companies and their brands. As a result of this, the demand for people skilled in marketing through both traditional and new methods is in ever increasing demand. Despite the growing importance of public relations and new media to businesses that are facing this new marketing reality, very few colleges and universities have been addressing these subjects from a business point of view.

     Conventional Marketing also know as traditional marketing is the most common distribution channel which comprises of a producer, wholesalers and retailers, all acting independently. Conventional marketing does not refer to a specific way of marketing but its like using standard or successfully proven marketing procedure. On the other hand, Digital marketing mainly deals with a sequence of marketing procedure in a step by step from reaching out to the customers, creating awareness, generating leads, luring them to read the articles, blogs, newsletters from their own place of interest.       
      Company websites and Social Platforms are the key players in digital marketing segment. People nowadays want everything to be accessed and decided online. As a result, the successful sources used in conventional marketing are being utilized through digital mode like watching news, TV serials online which were the main mediums then to market products.
 Digital marketing hence takes a sharp leap over conventional marketing and moves with a great speed since the result analysis in digital marketing is visible and in quicker mode.